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The DUNA team

Lakatos Lóránt Imre

Managing Director

I am the Managing Director of Duna Incentives, Traning & Events. I was born in Utrecht, Nehterlands, I studied economy and logistic, graduated from HEAD, Arnhem. I have been working in the Netherlands and in Germany, as Logistics Manager in the early years of my career. Ten years ago I decided to move to Hungary, and in 2005 I started DUNA to design and deliver unique and custom teambuilding events, motivational team trips, trainings and a wide spectrum of exciting crea©tive events. In 2008 I moved to Csopak with my hungarian wife and with my three beautiful kids. I’m passionate about football, and sports: Ria, ria Hungaria!

Borbála Pap-Fekete

Project manager, Coordinator

I started my career at Duna in 2006 as a newbie instructor still in college, right with a plunge into a kinds camp with 90 children. I thought, “No problem at all! They can’t scare me off!” I took the lead and ever since, I am the official cheer maker at Duna events. Don’t be shocked if I show up as a police officer on a horse or hold you hostage in a tank! Who knows, we might bump into each other in Barcelona!

Klaudia Krajcsik

Coordinator, Hostes

Hi, I am 24 years old. I studied communication at Budapest Business School, I graduated 2 years ago. I like to interact with people, this is the reason why I choose PR as my profession. I like to read, travel and do sports. Living a healthy lifestyle is a very important factor in my life, I got more interested in sport activities a year ago and now I live a fit and more active life.

Mirandolína Tóth

Coordinator, Organizer

I am a 22 years old graduate student, I study my master of russistics studies.I belive that I am a perfectionist not only when it comes to studying but in the filed of sports as well. I have been a professional swimmer in the past 11 years. Besides, I like skiing, skyrunning and boxing. I think that a sport not only teach you endurance, but also helps you to adapt to different situations in life. I have some trading experience and I am open to learn new things.

Orsolya Szedlacsek

Coordinator, Organizer

I am an energetic person, living a very dynamic lifestyle. I like to organize and coordinate gatherings, be around people and see that my passion and enthusiasm motivates others. Creatively inspired team work is my bread and butter. I play sports since I was a little kid, sport is my life, my hobbi and my love. As a Boot Up Network and BootCamp trainer I am responsible for the team’s social happenings. I also organize camps, teambuildigs and trainings.

Balázs Kocsis

Coordinator, Organizer

I was born in 1979 in Győr. I started my studies at the Bercsenyi Miklos Szki, graduated in 1997. After high school I studied Forestry Science Technics at Sopron University, then Communication at Szombathely University. Besides, I studied journalism in Gy6r to have an in depth understanding of press and news media. Currently I live in Győr, and football is my passion since I was 3 years old. I like to travel, meet new people and learn new things.

Ivette Barta

Coordinator, Organizer

“Enthusiasm usually comes automatically when someone finds the job that best suits him and does what he likes best.” (Napoleon Hill) What is it that really inspires you? Challenges, dreams, organization, coordination, implementation, contact, special solutions, unusual locations, guided tours, moods, and above all the experiences that we will all be more. “The smile you give to the world will come back to you.”

Dr. Gergely Kiss

Sports Law, Marketing

Three times Olympic gold medal winner played a leading role in the Hungarian water polo team. Olympic 3x 1st place (Sydney, Athens, Peking), World Championship 1st place (2003), 2x 2nd place (1998,2005), World Cup: 1st place (1999), 2nd place (2002, 2006), 3rd place (1997)

Zsuzsanna Lakatosné Nagy


I was always interested in the world of numbers, that is why I have earned accountant and tax advisory qualification after finishing the Economic collage. I have started in the DUNA in 2005 and I am still here… Accounting, labour, invoicing – I strengthen the team from the backdrop.

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