Around the World in 8 hours – Family Day

Around the World in 8 hours – Family Day

Already entered the 21st century, we challenge employees and family members not only to travel back in time, but to improve Phileas Fogg’s performance to travel the world this time in only 8 hours in the park of the beloved castle of ’Sisi’.

With the help of different means of transfer available and the inventiveness and curiousity of familes we travel through five continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Takkatouka Land.

On all continents challenges, activities, music, performances and typical ‘local’ foods are waiting for the travellers.

  • High rope jungle challenge – Africa
  • Camel race!
  • Egyption snake charmer
  • Crocodile etc.


Live music: African jembee music & workshop


Culinary experience : kebab, egyptian salads, tea from Marocco, Asir juice.

  • Outdoor painting task
  • Cocktail race
  • Monocycle track
  • Hunland Olympian Questionnaire
  • SPONGE BOB GAMES+ old Greek, Hungarian and Dutch folk gamesLive Music: Greek band MydrosCulinary experience: Hungarian, Greek and Duth specialties, national drinks.
  • Chinese wall – climbing challenge
  • Kiting
  • Bruce Lee Action Games – workshop
  • Ancient hand bow shooting etc.Live Music: Asian lounge music – SzakuraCulinary experience: ‘Easy accessible’ Chinese food, meatsticks, saké.
  • Horse – pony riding
  • Horseshoe throwing & whip slashing and other american folk games
  • Gun shooting
  • Rodeo bull. Live music: Swinging Brazilan drum band! 

    Culinary experienceBig Size  Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, American Cherry Pie, big Coca Cola.

  • ‘Indian village’ with different Indian games and indian face painting artist
  • Bow & Arrow shooting for kids
  • Puppet show
  • Air castle
  • Small climbing wall
  • More than 30 different logical games (wood) and handcraft acitivitiesCulinary experience : popcorn, cotton candy.

During the day adults and children collect stamps and points into their passports. At the end of the day we offer a delicous dinner in a huge “catering” tent. Meanwhile we announced the results and the winners in different categories.

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