• Intercultural training

    Living and working in Hungary; what to expect and how to prepare? This course is meant as an acculturation course for non-Hungarians who plan to move to Hungary or have recently moved to Hungary and plan to stay in Hungary for a certain period to live and work.
  • Management expedition

    DUNA Incentives, Training & Events has been creating tailor-made programmes based on crea©tivity and adrenaline-pumping activities for more than 10 years. Every concept is a mix of cultural, culinary and (inter)active ingredients. This creates a unique platform for dynamic learning and sharing experiences.
  • Training camps abroad

    A successful season starts with a well-organised preparatory period during summer and/or winter. To guarantee a training camp with the best sporting conditions, every aspect has to be taken care of so that you and your team don’t need to invest a lot of time and energy.
  • Training camp at Halászi

    We invite your team to the Szigetköz, to the so-called flood area of the Danube Delta in Hungary. It is a paradise for outdoor activities between the small islands of Danube.