• The golf experience workshop

    On the outskirts of Budapest, 7 km away from the city centre, we find the hilly area where the Petneházy Club Hotel is located. The perfect location for the Golf Experience! Starting with the ‘Golf Clinic’, a period of real golf instruction. The first half of the programme consists of learning and technology at its centre, which, after a short break is then followed by a golf tournament. The contest winners will win enjoyable and relevant gifts!
  • Painting workshop

    Find your inner artist in you! Have fun and relax at the same time during this fun and unusual experience where the participants can learn the basics of oil painting. Instructor Márta Kucsora will introduce participants to the secrets of the oil painting in the great budapestartfactory atelier.
  • Hungarian COOK off

    The tradition of Hungarian cuisine was established by our ancestors who grazed their cattle on the Asian steppes and some habits of the nomadic tribes can still be noticed today. Both before and after the settlement in the Carpathian Basin, Hungarian cuisine had always been influenced by other nations such as the Tartars, Turks, Germans, Italians and so on. These influences have always been transformed into something truly Hungarian.