• Budapest City Survival – interactive sightseeing

    We are going to conquer Budapest in a special way. Teams start after solving the City Survival puzzle deciding which team gets off first with their tailor made compass book. The first stop will be the chocolate school of Szamos, in the inner city of Budapest; here the teams will face the first challenge!
  • Barcelona, Beach, Soccer

    An amazing incentive program with the Barcelona City Survival that will take place in different scenarios: the Paseo de Gracia, the Boqueria market, The Ramblas Avenue, the Gastronomic Aula, and the Gothic and Ribera Quarter to finish in the Barceloneta Beach.
  • Rodeo adventure

    The Rodeo Ranch offers exciting and adventurous programs for those who would like to put themselves to the test. Professional feedback and guidance is guaranteed by members of the DUNA and the RODEO TEAM .
  • Search for the sword of Attila

    A group of foreign hunters are on track of the valuable sword and it is told that their intentions are evil. According to the legend the camp of the Huns was nearby the Mosoni Duna in Pannonia, current HUNgary. DOES YOUR TEAM ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE TO FIND THE SWORD OF ATTILA?
  • The smuggler route

    Be a smuggler for one day, discover the ancient smuggler route between ‘East and West’ and experience the tension of the Börzsöny Mountains – North of Budapest. Stay however out of hands of local authorities!
  • The stolen diary of Attila

    There are two theories regarding the origin of the ’Buda’ name. The first says that it is a derivate of the Slavic word voda, meaning water. According to the second, it comes from the name of the brother of Attila, who was called ’Bléda’. It was Bléda who buried the diary of his Brother in the Buda hills in a small wooden box. The name of Attila was written on it with Hungarian ’rovásirás’. This was almost 800 years before one started building the Buda castle. It was found and is kept and guarded ever since between the thick walls of the Hungarian fortress. During Turkish rule it has been smuggled out by forefathers of the so called ’betyár’ villains.
  • Intercultural training

    Living and working in Hungary; what to expect and how to prepare? This course is meant as an acculturation course for non-Hungarians who plan to move to Hungary or have recently moved to Hungary and plan to stay in Hungary for a certain period to live and work.
  • Crazy Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is one of the world’s greatest cities, one of the most romantic and beautiful city with canals and world famous museums and historic attractions. Amsterdam is a city of tolerance and diversity. The city has all positive aspects: culture, history, fun and diverse and high-traffic conditions.