Search for the sword of Attila

Search for the sword of Attila

Together we achieve more! Together with your team you could find the (believed to be) lost sword of Attila. The exciting adventure waits for you with surprises, tasks and challenges, while the teams are able to find the magical, legendary sword! Active and creative tasks make exciting the adventures of the team during the two days program.

The first day

After the team arrived at the Duna Outdoor Centre in Halászi and had a delicious lunch the adventurous search could start: at first the group was divided into smaller teams. Supported by the Diary of Professor Willoughby the teams were struggling to find map pieces which showed them the right direction. The clues from the Diary led the teams into canoes. Then the high rope had to be conquered, rafts had to be built with which the river was crossed. After a bow and arrow challenge all the map pieces led the group to the Grave of Attila. But here only the Skull of Attila was found, so the search had to be continued….

In the evening after a long day a well-deserved and wonderful BBQ and karaoke party awaited the group in the Castle of Hédervár.

The second day

In the morning the search for the sword continued. Participants divided into smaller teams again had to find the right coordinates which finally led them to the sword. But only when the challenges of the day were fulfilled: a bicycle tour with GPS, an exciting quad track and a secret Landrover path. And finally the powerful sword was found by the  team somewhere at the river-bed. So the climax of the event followed as the legend required: on their self made raft they cautiously put the memories of Attila together with his sword. After letting it go on the Mosoni Duna, we shot burning arrows from the shore into the raft to make sure nothing remains at last….

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