Balaton Retro

Balaton Retro

We would like to invite your team for a special Balaton team event, which can be planned between April and October. An event in which adventure, fun and teambuilding are wrapped in a Balaton retro theme!

Prepare for an extraordinary active off side in which the following programs will follow each other in a dazzling speed:

  • Sailing contest with professional luxury sailing boats: which team will reach the next harbour first?
  • Balaton Retro Run, a Retro style fun team challenge with the following relay ingredients: air mattress run, water bike run, retro tasting ‘fear factory’ and a tandem/bicycle hill climb, ending at the St. Donát winery & restaurant in Csopak (wine tasting and dinner).
  • Alive, awake fishing & cooking: 3 teams get a bag of groceries, angle for fresh fish, write a recipe and make a delicious outdoor dinner above camp fire, good appetite while watching the famous ‘Balaton retro film’!
  • Balaton retro tasting quiz (!)
  • Golf workshop at the beautiful Balatonudvari golf course, the Balaton Retro open!

For the overnight stay and evening party we recommend the Anna Hotel or the Silver resort Hotel in Balatonfüred!

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