Bling bling party

Bling bling party


Everyone wants to experience a bit the glamour, the luxury and the life of the celebrity stars. Limousines, car specialties, pomp and exciting task because of the wealth does not come by itself! While solving the tasks, the participants in the struggle for luxury and then the deserved result, the exclusive entertainment comes…

In the early morning hours everybody was dressed in harmony with the theme: pink and white! They were looking forward to the briefing in Szigetszentmiklós. The good atmosphere had been well-grounded! With huge limousines and exclusive trabants they were looking for the next location where the game continued…

„Bling Bling is the thing!” was the motto of the day! Everybody stealthily desires for being real rich! The group could experience the world and glitter of richness for one day! But of course they had to reach it with fulfilling the Bling Bling Olympics:

  • clay target shooting,
  • hit the Ninepins,
  • horse shoe throwing,
  • carriage-pulling,
  • get-on-horseback,
  • coctail race and
  • photo shooting

The more tasks they fulfilled successful the more dollars they collected. The more dollars the group collected the better they could entertain in the evening at „Over de Top Bling Bling Party” where they could exchange them into ’gold’ jewels, drinks, cocktails, roulette, black jack.

In between our ’pimp’ Dj, Lottery, coctail mixers, ’plaza girls’ and beach boys ensured the good atmosphere!

If you could get through under the burning „limbo-hintó”, the all-the-night party could have been started like the Rich usually does.

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