Budapest City Survival – interactive sightseeing

Budapest City Survival – interactive sightseeing

We are going to conquer Budapest in a special way. Teams start after solving the City Survival puzzle deciding which team gets off first with their tailor made compass book. The first stop will be the chocolate school of Szamos, in the inner city of Budapest; here the teams will face the first challenge!

Using their survival tools the teams travel throughout the city, using all kinds of transport: by foot, the underground, funicular railway and, Segways & bikes! ‘Prove pictures’ have to be made! The group will get track info by their mobile phone and by e-mail! Secret runners keep an eye on the group and on each individual member. The team receives e-mail, which can be read after finding out a password. To find that out a Hungarian fear factory tasting challenge has to be fulfilled.

The e-mail contains curious information about the group and its members and an assignment…

‘It seems that this vagabond is following us already for 20 minutes’. During the city survival the group will meet with strange figures! Is this part of the program or not?

We will visit the Castle District, the Chain Bridge, the Central Market, Inner city, Váci Street, Andrássy Street, Vörosmarty square and the freedom square, Heroes’ square & in the meanwhile get acquainted with the culture and history of Hungary. At the end of the program the winning team takes home a special Hungarian price, the famous Hungarian Rubik cube ‘a la Budapest’. Of course, all hungaricums gathered during the city survival (souvenirs and pictures) can be taken home as well!

The program is suited for both smaller and bigger groups.

Time: from 2 ˝ hours to 1 day

Language: Hungarian / English / German

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