The golf experience workshop

The golf experience workshop

On the outskirts of Budapest, 7 km away from the city centre, we find the hilly area where the Petneházy Club Hotel is located. The perfect location for the Golf Experience! Starting with the ‘Golf Clinic’, a period of real golf instruction. The first half of the programme consists of learning and technology at its centre, which, after a short break is then followed by a golf tournament. The contest winners will win enjoyable and relevant gifts!

A well-deserved dinner will be served at the Haraszthy Vallejo Cellar, but only after the amazing wine tour and tasting session.

Haraszthy Vallejo Cellar was established in 1998 to produce excellent wine grape varieties in the Etyek region. The Winery foundation not only thought of wine production, but also of serving as a base for tourism in the area.

The Haraszthy Vallejo winery owners’ tribute to Ágoston Haraszthy, the great Hungarian reformer who is not revered so much in his own country but is the father of California viticulture, will be heard today too.

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