Intercultural training

Intercultural training

Living and working in Hungary; what to expect and how to prepare? This course is meant as an acculturation course for non-Hungarians who plan to move to Hungary or have recently moved to Hungary and plan to stay in Hungary for a certain period to live and work.



Living and working in Hungary; what to expect and how to prepare?


The latter means that one will interact with Hungarians more and more and intensively be in contact with Hungarian culture. This personal workshop offers preparation for this experience. The following issues are the main focus:

Cultural differences

A module on the differences and similarities between the diverse cultural regions of Europe and Hungary’s place in it.

Intercultural communication

A module on the connection between culture and communication (verbal and non-verbal), one’s own cultural behaviour and the possible obstacles to functioning in Hungary.

Courses of behaviour

In this module, the most important courses of behaviour by Hungarians and in Hungary will be explained. This will mean one will be able to recognise it and understand its social background as well as the ways of thinking and behaving of the inhabitants.

Some of the issues addressed are patterns in history, different population groups, everyday behaviour, religion and rituals.

Politics and economics in Hungary

The current political situation will be placed in perspective and the following will be focused upon:

Themes touched upon are power relations, political culture, civil society, democratisation, political establishment and media. The current economic situation will also be explained.

Living and working in Hungary

This module is on living in this new country. What are the (im)possibilities for each member of the family?

We take a look at arrival, housing, dealing with domestic staff, healthcare, shopping possibilities, schools and the educational system, as well as how to spend one’s free time.

Furthermore, we will learn about working circumstances in this new country, for example, hierarchy, motivation, management and segregation between work and private life.

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