Hungarian COOK off

Hungarian COOK off

The tradition of Hungarian cuisine was established by our ancestors who grazed their cattle on the Asian steppes and some habits of the nomadic tribes can still be noticed today. Both before and after the settlement in the Carpathian Basin, Hungarian cuisine had always been influenced by other nations such as the Tartars, Turks, Germans, Italians and so on. These influences have always been transformed into something truly Hungarian.

During the reign of King Mátyás there was an Italian impact on cuisine in terms of how we prepared roasted and grilled meats and the use of some ingredients which are very important today such as onion and garlic which were imported from Italy at that time.

Corn, tomato and paprika were introduced during the time of the Turks.

By the nineteenth century, Hungary had become so famous for its hospitality, its good food and excellent wines that people came from all over Europe to Buda and Pest specially to taste them.

The most famous, world-wide known Hungarian dish is the goulash which contains almost all the most typical Hungarian ingredients: onion, red pepper, potato, tomato and paprika.

We took a trip with our guests to the wonderful Danube Bend where you can enjoy both the beautiful hills and the Danube River at the same time. Our venue, the Stampok Park, fitted the theme perfectly. It looks like a nice Hungarian farm with lots of animals such as horses, goats and geese.

The participants got to know a famous Hungarian archer who spoke about the traditions and history of Hungary and showed how to shoot an arrow.

After this short introduction participants began to feel like real ancient Hungarians in their native surroundings. Then cooking began in vessels!

The participants were divided into smaller groups and competed with each other to cook the best Hungarian goulash! Of course, our professional cook supported the whole process. He explained how to prepare it and spoke about the ingredients and the small secrets which make the dish more tasteful.

After much hard work, we found out which group had cooked the best goulash… our professional cook tasted all the soups and announced the results!

Eventually everybody had a great Hungarian dinner in the open-air, sitting around a campfire!

Hungary is also famous for its wines. We have 22 wine regions with a wide selection of white and red wines.

At the end of the cooking workshop we surprised our ‘Hungarian cooks for a day’ with a special wine-tasting session involving the wines of the popular Badacsony region which is situated on the volcanic hillsides of the Balaton uplands.

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