Management expedition

Management expedition

DUNA Incentives, Training & Events has been creating tailor-made programmes based on crea©tivity and adrenaline-pumping activities for more than 10 years. Every concept is a mix of cultural, culinary and (inter)active ingredients. This creates a unique platform for dynamic learning and sharing experiences.

DUNA has developed a dynamic management training in an expedition framework. This training is held in wonderful natural surroundings securing optimal facilities for self-reflection. Role competences are used to facilitate positive personal and mutual confrontation between the participants.

‘The fundamental idea for this training is to create a dynamic learning environment in which the participants confront themselves with questions related to their own motivation, skills and company values. Moreover, they make the connection between the outcome of this and their future goals, strategy and way of behaviour within the company.

The outcome is a pragmatic triangle: an individual plan, a team plan and as third corner of the model, the mindset (re)definition (how we look at ‘things’). The concept is suitable for leadership, management & personal development, selection or evolvement of your high potentials or sleeping dogs. The location for the programme is the very heart of Hungary, ‘somewhere’ between Budapest, the Danube Bend and the Börszöny mountains.

During the training session, the team will be on the move using eccentric means of transfer. ‘Accidental’ encounters with vagabonds, diplomats, fashion models and Olympic athletes. Riding horseback, off-road vehicles and even the sky… a training programme full of surprises and fun! The participants, however, will be tested individually and as a group. Everyone will have to show their capabilities. There is no hiding place, nowhere to run and no escape…  

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